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"A close girlfriend of mine told me about Lashipix after she had used it for a couple months. She had great results, and so have I. Even my husband noticed my lashes which he never does. My eyes look better now than they ever have and I owe that to Lashipix, thank you."
Regina (Orlando, FL)

"I first started researching eyelash extenders about four months ago after seeing a commercial on TV. I narrowed down my list and eventually decided on Lashipix. I started seeing results in the first couple weeks, so I kept going. Well, I am happy to say, that I am seven weeks in and my lashes look GORGEOUS!!! I am so happy I decided on your product. I know that eyelashes are not that important, but to me they have made all the difference. My face looks softer and all my girlfriends are jealous."
Ashley (Syracuse NY) 

"I did not even know I could enhance my eyelashes before I found your product. I had always used extenders, but got sick and tired of the mess not to mention the fact that they always seemed to fall out when I least expected it. I have been using Lashipix for six weeks, and am very pleased with the results. My lashes not only look longer, but they also appear much fuller and healthier as well. "
Anne (Carol Stream IL)

"As a make-up artist, I am extremely concerned with details such as the look of the eyelashes. Unfortunately, many of my clients do not pay much attention to their lashes. I personally use Lashipix, and recommend it to all my clients. After a few weeks, they always change their tune once they realize that great lashes really can make a huge difference in their appearance. Great product, thanks."
Catherine (Austin TX)

"What a fabulous product!!! I found your site, read reviews & took my chances & WOW! I have {editorial removal}, fuller looking lashes in just a few weeks! I was using strip lashes for 2 years & decided I was damaging my lashes & had to stop. But my lashes were very short & sparse. I am so happy with this product!!!!"
Natalie R, (Pennsylvania)

"I know most women want longer looking eyelashes, but I actually needed help with my eyebrows. I saw that Lashipix is marketed for both and decided to give it a shot. I have always had extremely thin eyebrows to the point that my friends have always teased me about it. After about four weeks, I really started to notice a difference. I am now able to shape and trim my eyebrows to look the way I want them to look. Thank you."
Laura (Anaheim CA)

"Thanks for your reply, i think your product is great, am almost 70 yrs old and have lashes i had at age 25"
Linds (New Smyrna Beach, FL)

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